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see January, 5-7 2007. The official representative of Hitohiro Saito in Italy Alessandro Tittarelli's (7 dan, Iwama Shin Shin Aiki Surenkai) seminar took place in Ivanovo for the 1st time. We are gratefull to Alessandro Tittarelli for the very informative and bright seminar.
see July-August 2006. The representative of Ivanovo Botov S.M. and the representative of Murmansk Kravchuk A.S. visited Iwama (Japan) as uchi-deshi under the guidance of Hitohiro Saito Sensei.
see March, 24-26 2006. The First Open International aikido demonstration and the second international seminar was held under the guidance of Iwama Shinshin Aiki Juku Jukucho Hitohiro Saito in Bratislava, Slovakia
see December, 03-04 2005. Traditional international seminar under the guidance of Iwama Aikido shihan in Europe Ulf Evans ( 7 dan ) took place in Moscow. ( "Moscow budokan").
Organizer of the seminar is Bebua D.G.
see October, 22-23 2005. Etan Weisgard's ( 5 dan, Iwama Aikido, Denmark) first seminar in Ivanovo. More than 140 people participated in the seminar. Ethan holds high rank in aikido and has a subtle sense of humor, wich he demonstrated many times during the seminar.
see May, 21-22 2005. In Geteburg, Sweden, Nemoto Hiroki ( 6 dan IWAMA AIKIDO) seminar took place. Nemoto Sensei is one of the best students of Morihiro Saito. Now he helds seminars all over Europe and in many other countries. Nemoto-san represents power and the dynamics of Aikido Iwama Ryu although he is a short man.
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