Seminar of shihan Ulf Evanas (7 dan) in Moscow, December 3-4, 2005

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Ulf Evanas (7 dan) shihan Iwama AikidoIvanovo aikidokas on the seminarThere are lots of people on the
Ulf's seminar. Budokan dojo
Botov Sergey in suwari wasa
Botov S.M. and Ulf Evanas discuss seminarIvanovo delegation, not all :)Ulf Evanas explains
koshi throw
Elena Chudakova from Ivanovo was the interpreter
Seminar working moment, in the light hall in OrekhovoBebua D.G. is the organizer of Ulf's seminar in MoscowTechnique demonstration, uke is Batalov A. (Cherepovec)Public picture
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