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Sergey Botov

Botov Sergey Michailovich (Shihan Dai, 6 dan Iwama Shin Shin Aiki Shurenkai) is the leader of Aiki Shuren Dojo Ivanovo,
which is one of the oldest Iwama aikido clubs in Russia.

During the years of successful work 10 students of Ivanovo Club had the 3 dan, 24 students - 2 dan and 45 students 1 dan. Now Sergei Michailovich's students teach aikido in Moscow, Kovrov, Bogorodizk, Tarko-Sale, Murom, Kostroma. Botov S.M. regulary holds seminars all over Russia, including Moscow.

Sergei Botov turned to aikido after 10 years of martial arts practice.

In 1991 after having read an announcement in the newspaper "Soviet Sport" he took part in the first Aikido Iwama Ryu seminar in St. Petersburg.

In 1992 after Tomito Sensei's (8 dan Iwama Ryu) visit, Sergei Botov founded Iwama club in Ivanovo. Sergei Botov consideres Ulf Evans (7 dan) to be his teacher. Ulf Evans had visited Ivanovo twice (in 1996 and in 2002.)

In 1997 Sergei Botov improved his technique as uchi-deshi in Iwama under Saito Sensei's supervision. Sergei Michailovich tries to observe Japanese traditions during the training process.

In 2006 he visited Iwama (Japan) for the second time as uchi-deshi under the guidance of Hitohiro Saito Sensei. Ivanovo Aikido Club transfered in Hitohiro Saito's organization Iwama Shinshin Aiki Surenkai.

His high-rank quality of teaching attracts a lot of people who are willing to start aikido practice.


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